Touch-Free Plumbing

Automatic fixtures have grown in popularity over the recent decade. As concern grows regarding the health, safety, and energy efficiency of staff and building occupants, there are a number of ways that all building applications can benefit from the transition from manual to automatic plumbing solutions.

The benefits of automatic fixtures

Hygiene — Keep your workplace clean

A recent study from Robert Half suggests that up to 90% of office staff go into the workplace feeling ill. This has serious implications on the health and productivity of all workers, and ultimately inhibits your ability as an organization to provide fast and efficient services.

Sustainability — Water conservation

With automatic water faucets, you can count on the water but  be shut off every time after use. As far as environment-friendly plumbing solutions go, automatic fixtures are as sustainable as you can get!

Cleanliness — improved aesthetics

The less it needs to be touched—the less cleaning it will require. Maintain office aesthetics and impress visitors by delivering a touch-free solution.

Touch-Free Plumbing Examples

Thanks to the mechanical improvements in most plumbing fixtures, there are several ways leadership can take advantage to ensure the health & safety of staff, home owners, and tenants. Below are some examples of available products that reduce the number of touchpoints in the workplace.

Automatic Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks

According to an article posted by WebMD, faucets can have 21 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Even worse, kitchen fixture handles can have as much as 41 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

This is mostly attributed to the lack of proper hand washing procedures from daily use. Touching bathroom & kitchen faucets after washing your hands can re-contaminate the fixture altogether, defeating the purpose. The health risks are magnetized when someone sick risks contaminating the entire surrounding area.

Compare this to the use of sensor faucets. Since there’s no direct contact required, the transmission of bacteria and germs are significantly reduced. This provides a hygienic alternative which improves aesthetics and can also reduce water waste.

Automatic Toilets & Urinals

Public restrooms occupy far more traffic than domestic toilets, resulting in increased excrement and urine deposits. Inoperative flush valves result in unwatned odours and germs left lingering in bathrooms.

This ultimately results in the increased risk of spreading germs which can cause serious illness. Automatic flush valves on toilets and urinals ensure waste is not only disposed of quickly, the unwanted need to touch a lever is removed, in addition to other conservation, economic, and lifespan benefits.

Water Refilling Stations

Drinking fountains are a harbinger of all sorts of bacteria. The more people who come in contact with fountains, the worse it becomes.

Water refilling stations are quickly becoming the norm in common dwellings such as office spaces, rec centers, and more. This contains the need to touch surfaces to solely your bottle. Much like the automatic flush valve counterpart, this also saves money, and improves aesthetics.

The Coldstream plumbing solution

Coldstream Plumbing provides expert consultation, and 24/7 emergency services. We’re available to discuss any concerns you have regarding the plumbing infrastcture of your office, facility, or home.


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